Engineering and Refrigeration specializes in Carpentry work associated with Supermarkets and Refrigerated rooms in warehouses. We offer both Installation and Service.

Our Carpentry Installation Department Installs refrigerated show cases, erects walk in boxes, installs check outs and gondola shelving. The carpentry department works together with our Refrigeration department in order to perform a flawless installation of supermarket or Warehouse Refrigeration.

Our Carpentry service is a 24 hour a day 7 days a week operation that repairs all components on refrigerated show cases. This includes all pistons, trim, glass, doors, gaskets and shelves. In addition we service all coolers and repair and replace doors, handles, gaskets and trim.

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For more information please call 201.333.4200 or 800.631.300 and ask for:

  • Pat Esposito
  • Gary Hudak